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Dogs Have Feelings Too

April 1, 2008

Buddy the Dog

Yes folks, dogs do have feelings and emotions. I am Buddy the dog, and right now I am feeling sad. Keep reading and you will hear what makes a dog like me feel this human emotion.

It was hard for mom to find places on the island of Oahu where a big dog like me could run and play off leash.  I am 100 pounds of pure Golden Retriever and I need to get out and run fast and hard.  I get anxious if I cannot get that pent up dog energy out of my system. 

I left Hawaii with my mom less than a year ago.  It was hard for a big dog like me to live in a condo in Kailua so we thought the mainland might be better place for me. Mom moved so I would be more comfortable.

When we lived in Hawaii my mom worked hard to take care of my doggie needs.  I also have a great Tutu, who took care of me when my mom went to work at the car dealership.  The folks, who ran the condo, where we lived in Kailua, did not like big dogs.  Mom had to put me on a leash which is ok, but the condo guards made me get leashed up before I jumped out of the car.  Once my leash got caught on the car arm rest and I almost got hurt.  After that mom said she did not care what the guards thought. My safety was more important. Mom did not listen to those security guards and let me out of the car without a leash for safety, and then she would hook on my leash and walk me in the house.

I know how it feels to be discriminated against for being a dog. The lady at the post office told us to get out and put up a big sign…NO DOGS ALLOWED.  I also have been discriminated for being a BIG dog. There are a lot of people who feel their dogs should be able to go out with them in public. Some dogs get to go in restaurants and public buildings if they are companion dogs.  I think any clean, well behaved dog should be welcome in banks, post offices, and outdoor sitting areas in restaurants. We dogs need more dog advocates.

I also think dogs should be allowed on the grass at Waikiki Beach Park.  They allow us dogs to walk on the promenade walkway along the ocean in Waikiki and in the water, but not on the grass.  We dogs love grass; we love to feel our paws walk on the soft, cool grass. We love to rub on our backs in the grass. I get my best back scratching done on the grass.  Ok, we might do our business on the grass, but so do the birds and some people do it too.  It is a natural thing.

Mom always picks up my poops if I have to go.  We even pick up after the folks who have forgotten their doggie pick-up bags. 

The Humane Society has an off leash dog park but it is all muddy and NO GRASS.  We dogs love grass.  I do love the waterfall at the Humane Society.  The folks that work there like us dogs and I like them too.

I took this trip to California with mom, last spring, but now we are ready to return to Hawaii.  There is one problem; the quarantine. I am current with all my shots, but my rabies Titer test expired so mom had to pay $170 for me to be retested. We have to wait 120 days before we can return to Hawaii.  The Titer test lasts for three years. Then I needed a new rabies vaccine, which makes us have to wait another 90 days before we are able to return home to Hawaii.

My dad went ahead of us to Honolulu, but we are waiting on the mainland and longing for the beaches of Hawaii. When I return to Hawaii on May 20th, I will be able to do 'direct release' from the airport. Thank you again, Governor Linda Lingle for passing the law to change the quarantine.

I miss my daddy and my Tutu. They are both in Hawaii missing me also.  I miss playing ball with my dad and waking him early in the morning. I breathe dog breath in my daddy’s face to wake him. He always says, “Buddy eat a Tic Tac”.

I will wag my tail real hard when my dad and Tutu pick me up from the airport.  My mom seems a bit sad so I try to keep my happy dog face on to cheer her. She misses daddy and Tutu.  She calls them every day.  The days will pass quickly and before I can bury another bone, I will be chasing crabs on Kailua beach again.

Kailua is the most dog friendly place we have found so far.  The beach is great for dogs and I love the water. I used to chase the pigeons and jump over the waves on Kailua Beach.  I love to swim in circles in the ocean.  I miss my beautiful beach and Hawaii.  I will be back in Hawaii in May.  Then I will be the happiest dog in the world again.
rustywarren — Tuesday, April 1, 2008
My sweet Buddy... I miss you too ( and your MOM) hurry back the beaches of Kailua are waiting for you. There's been some nice changes at my condo... nice new security people and a whole new Homeowners Board .. you keep your leash on and we'll go-a-walking. Hugs from your Hawaii TUTU ( you have one in Oregon also)

LloydIgnacio — Saturday, April 5, 2008
Yeah right! Dogs and dog owners better be watching "Dog Wisperer" on Nationa Geographic TV!

xoceandove Gary Dubois — Sunday, April 6, 2008
I agree that people miss how intune their pets really are to them and those they love

Buddy and Bruddah IZ

July 1, 2008

Buddy the Dog

Did you know my mom helped Jan-Michelle Sawyer, the sculptor with the Brother IZ Sculpture project?  Yeah, the bronze sculpture of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole that is in Waianae.  It is a tribute to IZ and his love for the Hawaiian peoples and the Hawaiian lands.

Liz Rizzo and Jan-Michelle Sawyer with statue of IZ

I went to see the bronze sculpture of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole in Waianae with my mom and got doggie chicken skin again.  My mom and her friend Jan-Michelle Sawyer worked on the “Brother IZ Sculpture Project” for years.  My mom got to help make IZ’s fishhook during the clay process and was honored to be part of the IZ sculpture history.  Jan-Michelle sculpted the likeness of Bruddah IZ, but gave mom the honor to do the fishhook that was IZ’s signature piece.  I am proud of my mom and her friend, Jan-Michelle, the talented sculptor. Maybe someday I will be sculpted by someone and my likeness will be in remembrance of all the dogs in Hawaii who cared for our humans.

Fishhook on Bruddah IZ sculpture 

My mom and her cohort (JanM) went to see John DeMello and Leah Bernstein at Mt. Apple records to get their blessing for the IZ project in the beginning.  They were gracious and donated some money to help fund the project.  This all took place before IZ became so famous worldwide.  Liz and Jan-Michelle collaborated to honor IZ and be a reminder for the public about his message to the children of Hawaii .

Some links to news articles about the Bruddah IZ Sculpture Project below.

Years later my mom and Jan-Michelle went to Mike Gabbard’s office to get help raising the remainder of the monies needed to bring home IZ’s sculpture. The two of them raised money in the community and were unable to raise the last funds needed after the 9/11 tragedy.

Rizzo,Sawyer,IZ, Marlene Kamakwiwo'ole, Mike Gabbard

The following is a quote from former Honolulu City Councilman Mike Gabbard’s website:

A "Can Do" Attitude
"‘Where there’s a will there’s a way.’ It’s a cliché, but it’s true," said Mike. People who know Mike know that he genuinely cares and that he can be counted on to make good things happen. When lack of funds threatened to derail the establishment of a permanent tribute to the late, internationally-renowned musician, Bruddah Iz, supporters of the project went to Mike Gabbard for help. Appealing to local businesses and Iz fans as far away as the mainland, Mike raised $20,000 to make the Bruddah Iz tribute in Wai'anae a reality.

"I've always been a fan of Bruddah Iz but I hadn't heard of the effort to honor him with a sculpture until the artist, Jan-Michelle Sawyer came to my office," Mike said. "As soon as I got the blessing of Iz's wife, Marlene Kamakawiwo'ole, I set out to do whatever I could to ensure that one of Hawaii ’s greatest sons would be appropriately honored - and in the place that meant so much to him: Wai'anae."

Thanks to Mike Gabbard and his 11th hour help with the Brother IZ Sculpture project, the bronze sculpture was place in its current location in Waianae at the neighborhood community center.  Thanks from Buddy’s mom (Liz Rizzo) and from Buddy. 

Bruddah IZ facing the ocean in Waianae

IZ had so much love for the people of Hawaii and the land.  One of his songs has the following words that sum up how he loved the land and the Hawaiian peoples. His message still lives on from the spirit world.

“Ua mau  ke ea o ka ‘ina i ka pono” was a strong message in a song sung by Bruddah  IZ  which translates in Hawaiian: “The life (sovereignty) of the land is perpetuated in (by) righteousness.”

It is also the state motto of Hawaii .  The link below will give you more history about this Hawaii state motto.

People and animals need to preserve the land because it is sacred to all peoples.  In Hawaii we especially need to honor the land as our resources are limited.  As a resident dog of Hawaii I hope do my part to honor the land and the humans of Hawaii .

Ask Buddy Intro

January 1, 2007

Buddy the Dog

My name is Buddy Rizzo. That's what they call me at the doggie doctor's office, or when my mom is hollering at me to drop the chicken bones at the park. "Buddy Rizzo drop that bone, right now!" I am a Golden Retriever. I am a tall dog. I am big, but gentle and smart. I will share some of my doggie issues and some stories about my animal friends every month right here. My mom is helping me write this column so she will tell you what's on my mind. We want to share with you some things that are happening to dogs and cats around the world.

We will address some of the concerns that my fellow doggies have. Some of the topics we will share are legal issues for animals, pet insurance, finding a pet-sitter, pet safety, traveling with pets, celebrity pets, pet food recipes, and weight loss for pets. We will also cover some very serious and scary things going on around the world, like the dog fur trade in China and the dogs being used for research right here in our country.

I will interview some of my animal pals. If you have some animal issues, email me and perhaps we can interview you and your pet. We will link to other pet sites to help you find the best answer to you pets needs. Write to me at my email address: From Around Town Hawaii

Did you know over 45% of people in Hawaii own pets?

I live in a townhouse in Hawaii where they have a strict leash law. There is NO PLACE for me to run and play freely like I am suppose to. There is not even a doggie area to relieve myself. My mom takes me out running every morning to the beach, the park, or any place we find with grass, and where no people are telling us to get out. Mom takes me out every evening to chase geckos that are climb on the park building wall.

Mom never misses a day taking me on my walks, plus I get in-between peepee breaks during the day with my sitter. I am a lucky dog because I am not left alone for too long and without a bathroom break. I have the same bathroom urges as you humans so please be more considerate of my needs. Sometimes I cannot hold it in as long as a whole day.

I am a lucky dog. My mom brushes me every morning before we go to the beach; she wakes me up after she puts on her shoes. I pretend to be asleep so she will come over and rub my back. I stretch my legs and she scratches me. My mom smells good in the morning. It is a mom smell. People smell different than dogs. It makes me feel safe and loved to snuggle on my mom's neck. She kisses me on the nose and I make a little grunt noise. I can't purr like a cat, but I can grrrrunt.

My mom trims my toe nails and files them smooth with a nail file. She is careful not to cut the QUICK in my nail. If the quick is cut I can bleed and be in pain. Mom cleans my ears every day with a Kleenex, because I swim in the ocean and my ears get wet. We have to be careful I don't get a smelly ear infection. I keep my mom pretty busy. I love when she brushes my teeth with chicken flavor toothpaste that she gets at the Vet's office. She brushes them a few times a week. She let's me lick the toothbrush.

I never chew up my toys. I like to carry them in my mouth and wag my tail, dancing around the house. Mom calls me "Mr. Wiggles". I get so excited and happy that my tail bangs the wall. I am happy every day. My toy box is full of all sorts of toys. I have stuffed animals, toys that squeak, a Frisbee that I still can't catch, and lot's of tennis balls. I can catch a tennis ball high in the air. I never get enough tennis balls and can put two of them in my mouth.

Maybe you are one of the lucky dogs who have a yard to play in. I used to have a yard in our other house. I especially loved my doggie door. I could go in and out as many times as I wanted. I would eat apples off the tree in the yard and chase away birds. I was in charge of protecting the yard and the house. I barked when a stranger came to our front gate. It got cold in the winter in Grass Valley so my mom decided we better move back to Hawaii where she could be warmer. I liked the cold weather and the snow. I have a thick coat so I get warm easily in Hawaii.

When the weather is warm my mom never shaves my hair, she trims the hair around my toes and ears. When I get warm she cools me in a tub of water or gently sprays my belly with the garden hose. We dogs stay cooler if you wet us on our belly and feet, not the whole dog. If a dog is wet and in the sun, we can become a walking sauna and get hotter. We dogs sweat only on our feet pads. Don't forget the sunscreen on my nose!

I am left alone too long I would probably scratch and make body sores if. I need lots of attention. I cannot be left alone in a backyard too long, or chained to a tree. I will bark and tear up the yard if you neglect me. I once made a mess of my face, scratching it even though it did not itch, when my mom went on vacation and left me with the sitter. She put some smelly stuff called Sulfodene. It is a yellow liquid. You can get it at the grocery store, pet store, or drug store. When mom came home I stopped that scratch, scratch. My mom kissed me on top of my head and told me "Good Boy". I love hearing those words almost as much as I like to hear, "let's go bye-bye" or "who wants peanut butter". Mom lets me lick the empty plastic peanut butter jar. Some folks say dogs have 2 taste buds….I agree. One taste bud says I like the food and the other taste bud says I do not like the food.

I wish there were more places that mom could take me to run and play. The dog parks are kind of far from where we live. We are in Kailua. The Windward Dog Park folks are getting a new place for us dogs nearby, in Kaneohe. You can read about them here:

I would probably scratch and make body sores if I am left alone too long. I need lots of attention. I cannot be left alone in a backyard too long, or chained to a tree. I will bark and tear up the yard if you neglect me. I once made a mess of my face, scratching it even though it did not itch, when my mom went on vacation and left me with the sitter. She put some smelly stuff called Sulfodene. It is a yellow liquid. You can get it at the grocery store, pet store, or drug store. When mom came home I stopped that scratch, scratch. My mom kissed me on top of my head and told me "Good Boy". I love hearing those words almost as much as I like to hear, "let's go bye-bye" or "who wants peanut butter". Mom lets me lick the empty plastic peanut butter jar. Some folks say dogs have 2 taste buds….I agree. One taste bud says I like the food and the other taste bud says I do not like the food.

I am not supposed to eat chocolate. I heard mom talk to the VET and he said a few ounces of chocolate per pound of what a dog weighs could be toxic. She keeps the chocolate on the top shelf in our house. We once had a rescue dog stay at our house and Digger ate 2 big bags of M & M chocolate candy. My mom left us alone; Digger jumped on the kitchen counter and ripped those bags of candy. When mom came home she looked scared and worried. Mom gave us some water mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide. She gave me the stuff to drink first. Me and Digger threw up in the yard. I had no M & M's in my stomach. Digger was the bad dog that day. I told Digger not to eat those 2 big bags, but Digger was a garbage dog. He would eat wrappers, rocks, pieces of metal, anything. After he lived with us a while he stuck to eating just dog food and dog treats.

My mom said to tell you that if your dog eats too much chocolate there are some things the dog might do like vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms, seizures, increased thirst, really excitable, or difficulty keeping balance. This is serious, so please keep the chocolate away from Fido. Call the VET if you think your animal is in trouble from eating chocolate.

Did You Know Buddy’s Tutu is a Famous Comedienne?

January 1, 2008

Rusty Warren and Buddy the Dog in Lanikai, Hawaii

Tutu Rusty and I even have the same red hair color. She says her red color comes from a bottle.  I think my color is Golden Retriever Red and is natural.

Buddy's Tutu takes him out with her

Tutu takes care of me while my mommy goes to work.  I like to spend my days on the lanai with Tutu.  She sits in her chair, reading the newspaper and eating her bagel with peanut butter. Did you know I love peanut butter?  Every day I sit beside Tutu on the lounge chair.  It is my favorite chair and even has a towel on it so I am comfortable. 

Buddy's favorite chair with the beach towel

I keep a good watch of Tutu so I will know when she is finished with her plate.  I try not to look at her and beg for food.  If she catches me looking she says, “Buddy, No begging,” and I look away from the tasty food. When she is finished eating the plate is given to me to lick the crumbs and any smear of peanut butter that might still be on the plate.  Sometimes she lets me lick the peanut butter off the spreading knife.  I live for these moments of dog pleasures.

One of Tutu's record albums

Long before I was born my Tutu was a famous comedienne.  I did not realize it when I was young but I have grown to know and respect her. I am so proud of her and all the Gold albums Tutu made. Tutu can also play the piano. She went to the New England Conservatory of music to become a Concert Pianist. I love when she plays the piano at the parties we have at the house. I lay by the piano and look up at her with my big brown eyes. She doesn’t play much anymore because her hands get tired.

Tutu wears her favorite Buddy the Dog shirt

Tutu Rusty is so kind to me.  She pets me, feeds me, hugs me, and talks to me. She is old now, so I am careful not to walk in front of her and knock her down. She has the same routine every day and I like that. I seem to know what time it is without a clock by Tutu doing her daily routine.

My mom takes me for a big morning walk before she goes to work and leaves me with Tutu all day. My days are pretty much the same and that is ok by me.

Tutu feeds me the same food every day and I drool while she prepares my dish of food. I get the same dry dog food but Tutu adds some cooked vegetables and a small piece of her left over dinner from the night before. She makes a special meal for me. She likes lamb and chicken and so do I.  She makes this gravy on my food with some water and warms it in the microwave, just to take the chill out of the food.  I can hardly wait till I hear the bell of the microwave ring.  She places my bowl, the one with my name on it, next to my water dish. I never gobble my food.  I savor the gravy and appreciate how Tutu carefully mixes my food so it will be tasty for me.  She is the best doggie chef I know.

Tutu and I get the mail in the morning after she feeds me. She puts the leash on me and we walk carefully down the stairs to the mailboxes where we live.  I walk slowly beside her and never pull on my leash. I ignore any cats that I see while I am with Tutu. I can chase the cats later. I have to take care of my special Tutu. We get the mail and walk over to the trash room to throw the junk stuff away.  Tutu makes me sit and wait while she tosses the bad mail in the smelly garbage bin. I am so well behaved when I am with my Tutu. 

When we get back into the house we go to the lanai where Tutu talks on the phone or reads her book.  I sleep on my favorite lounge chair and dream of chasing birds and cats and running on the beach.  Tutu and I love the trade winds that blow gently on our lanai. Sometimes Tutu sleeps and I look over at her and feel happy and safe. I watch the geckos run in and around the lanai plant pots.  I watch the birds stop on our lanai railing to look at me. I watch clouds go by and I am content to be a dog.

My Tutu has a movie about her life story that just got filmed. The film crew came to our house to film the movie.  They filmed me walking on Lanikai beach with Tutu and my mommy, Liz.  I got to go on the boat when they filmed part of the movie. All the people who worked on the movie were nice to me.  Most dogs never get to be in a movie so I feel special.

My Tutu's DVD movie cover

You can see the movie on DVD at my Tutu’s web site. There are video’s of my favorite Tutu there.  You can see her red hair, just like mine. I wonder what other doggie’s have to say about their Tutu’s.  You can email me or add a comment to the end of this column about your favorite doggie Tutu.

Here are some links to films that Buddy the Dog has appeared in.  Buddy likes to pose and has fun being a ham in front of the camera.

Buddy co starred with Samantha De Corte in the Kailua segment of Open House Island Style.  The segment is number 4 in their series and can be seen below.  Buddy appears four times in the show.  Buddy had fun with the film crew and remembered all his lines.

Open House Island Style is very unique in the sense of its popular Life Style segments. When the crew visits the showcased neighborhood, not only do they highlight the properties for sale, they also go to a great place to eat and do something for fun. Samantha De Courte is not afraid of showing her funnier side on the show. Some fan favorites have been “attempting” to wake board and her popular “funky monkey” dance.  Buddy loves Samantha. Buddy is one of Samantha’s biggest fans.

NCTV11 For Pets Sake Animal_Save__Get_Fit_for_Fido_2007.mp4

Buddy made an appearance at the “Pets Sake Animal Rescue Run” for the Animals Event. Get Fit  For Fido was the theme for their event.  Watch the community who came together for this fun, active, event. You will see wonderful athletes, animals, Animal Save's volunteers and Staff...they all come together for the animals in Nevada City, California.  Nevada City is the heart of the “Mother Lode” in Northern California. 

rustywarren — Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Big Hugs to my favorite Buddy. You said such sweet things about me.. I never thought you knew that I was in Show Biz for those many years. I miss our walks to the mail and all the other precious times we spent together. Miss you , you "Handsome Red -Head " .... sending you a " tummy rub' with all my love. Your TUTU , Rusty Warren

paradise — Tuesday, January 1, 2008
I am also someone's tutu, but I don't see my favorite Buddy because I live too far away. His mom tells me about him all the time and I am so happy when I know he is OK. Buddy you are lucky to have Rusty Warren for you tutu as I know she loves you a lot and enjoys the time she spends with you. You are a joy to anyone that knows you. tutu Angie

xoceandove — Sunday, January 13, 2008
Really sweet story

DRPrice — Wednesday, January 16, 2008
It sounds as though you and Buddy have quite a vast array of friends that span for miles and miles. It is very nice to profile Buddy's family members. All family members play an important role in a pet's life. Thank you Buddy for providing a dog's perspective.

Grassvalleygirl — Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Ask Buddy the Dog...I saw your mom's car and that is what is written on the back window. We love you Buddy the Dog at Citizens Bank in Grass Valley, California. You are always welcome in our bank. We love your column too.

Buddy: A Dog's Tale

April 1, 2007

Buddy the Dog

The following is a sad, but true story...

You named me Buddy. You brought me home when I was just a little puppy - cute, and full of fun. I made you laugh and I made your child giggle when I would romp and play. I was so happy, for I was part of your happy family, and my life was wonderful. You'd take me outside every so often to do my "business" and the neighbors would point at me and ruffle my ears and tell me how cute I was. And life was good.

Then I started growing bigger and losing some of my cute puppy ways. I discovered the joy of chewing on things, slippers, shoes, rugs, anything I could sink my teeth into. And my frolicking and playing started getting rougher because I was a growing boy. You didn't take the time to teach me manners or how to behave in ways acceptable to humans, or how not to be so rough with your child, because you felt you didn't have the time to fool with me any longer. I had a few "accidents" on the floor because you didn't have the time to take me out to do my business and I started getting in trouble and becoming a nuisance to you as I began to lose my little puppy charm. And so you sent me to the yard.

So now I am banished to the back yard. Once a day, someone will come and throw some food at me on the cold concrete walk, but no one ever comes to talk to me or play with me or teach me to fetch or rub my ears or pat my head or spend any time with me at all. You are too busy with your lives. So I live outside, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, month after month, and now I have been outside in the yard, ignored, for more than a year.
Chasing Birds

At first, I kind of enjoyed being outside, romping in my fenced yard, feeling the wind blowing through my ears, and sniffing the air, watching the birds land on the fence, and feeling the sun on my face. And I had my dog house to go to when it turned cold or when it would rain. But after a short time, the days started to get longer and longer and I started to feel lonesome, because I missed being part of your family. And for months now, for over a year, I have been all alone - never to be part of your family again, or so it seems.

You don't realize how long the minutes are for me. Although I am right outside in your back yard, I can hear your voices through the window, and every once in awhile, I look up to see if you happen to be looking out at me to see if I'm okay. Every so often, I think I can hear your footsteps coming to check on me, but then the footsteps fade away and you don't come, you don't call my name. And you don't check on me. Or even know that I'm still here - alive - waiting for you to notice me.

In the heat of the Summer, I long for some shade, so I try to find a spot where the sun makes a shadow and make a bed there for awhile. My dog house is just too hot and I can't breathe in there, or I would go in there for a nap. When you let my water dish go dry, I feel my throat is parched and my tongue feels thick from thirst and I pray for rain so I can drink from the splash guard at the end of the gutter downspout. But when it does rain, especially if there is a thunder storm, I am so scared from all of the lightning and thunder, and I wish, oh how I wish, that you would come to check on me to see if I am okay, to see if I am scared, to see if I am out of the rain, but even more than that, I wish you would come and get me and take me inside and pat me dry with a towel and just let me be with your family for a little while.

The Winter nights are the worst of all. I no longer go inside of my dog house, because even though technically my dog house is supposed to be big enough for me, it really isn't. I don't feel safe in there because I can't turn around to make a comfortable nest in there to take a nap. So I sleep in front of it, hoping you will look out and notice that I could use a bigger dog house to sleep in at night when the temperatures dip and there is frost and snow on the ground. I am trying to show you by sleeping in front of my dog house that I need a bigger place to sleep at night, but you never look out your window to see me sleeping there. I'm sure if you would look, you would notice me curled up in a ball as tight as I can make myself, trying to keep warm. My joints are hurting from sleeping on the cold ground.

But above all, I wish, oh how I wish, you would notice me. I wish you wouldn't have forgotten about me out here in your back yard. Every minute seems so long without your companionship, without your love. I try to entertain myself. Sometimes I will chase my tail. Sometimes I will find my empty water dish and play catch with it by myself. Sometimes I will take your child's swing and bump it to watch it go back and forth and I pretend your child is here playing with me, laughing with me. But that's all it is - pretend. Sometimes I bark, hoping that my barking will bring you out to spend some time with me, just to throw something for me to fetch, or just to run and play. But when I bark, all you do is yell at me to scold and tell me to "hush." So, I found out that barking doesn't get me anywhere or cause you to come and see me. Your child never comes out to play with me. In fact, no one ever comes out to speak to me or play with me. Or pet me. Or rub my ears. Or ask me how I'm doing. Sometimes I will look at the neighbor's house and they will come out on their porch and speak to me. So at least someone knows I exist. But you don't seem to remember I'm here outside your door.

More than anything, I long, I so long, to be with you and to be part of your family again. I'm not an object or a thing. I'm not a boat, or a fancy car, or a prized possession you can brag about owning - I'm a living, breathing little personality that longs for some love and companionship and to be part of your family. Even though I no longer have my little puppy charm, I'm still a good boy and I'm handsome, too. But above all, I have SO much LOVE to give you! If only you would give me a chance! If only you would tell me what I did to deserve being separated from you.

The minutes drag on and turn into hours, day after endless day. And the days turn into weeks. As much as I can hope, I still do hope that one day you will remember me out here in your back yard. I've never understood what I ever did to be treated this way, like I don't even exist. But I still hope with all of my might that one day you will remember me and we can be a family once again.

It is Christmas time. I see beyond my fence all of the colorful twinkling Christmas lights and I hear my family inside making noises going about their lives, getting ready for the Holidays. Even though it is only 6:00 in the evening, it is dark and I have nothing to do but lie here, huddled up in a tight ball in front of my dog house...alone. Again. And it will be another cold night, 18 or 20 degrees, again. You named me Buddy. Is this any way to treat your Buddy? I wonder what is to become of me?

Don't forget me

Please report any signs of animal abuse or neglect to your local authorities. Be aware that while notifying your local Animal Control or Local Authorities for suspected animal cruelty/neglect is highly recommended, they are subject to local ordinances and laws and can only act within the local laws as the framework provided for them. Also, the workers employed by that department may or may not be qualified for the position, may find complaints "unfounded" except in the most blatant abuse cases, or they may not be well educated in animal care, or the local shelter may already be overloaded with rescued animals, so only animals in the most dire of circumstances are rescued.

Also, in some areas, a "good old boy mentality" may be prevalent - meaning, dogs are viewed as inanimate objects right alongside pickup trucks and firearms! The only way to combat this attitude is through public awareness and education.

Additionally, some local laws may just require the minimum - food, water, and shelter... period (whether or not the animal uses the shelter doesn't matter to them). A complaint that is not considered life threatening or a public nuisance by the authorities, (for example, quality of life issues such as in Buddy's case), may not be taken into consideration when it comes to enforcing your local laws.

With all of this in mind, the outstanding question that begs to be asked is, "how many other Buddy’s are out there?" Please pass this information along to help stimulate public awareness and education. Contact the Humane Society, Schools, post on your myspace page, Animal Rescue Organizations, pet stores, or anywhere you think would spread the word.

ALL pets do matter and their quality of life matters, too.

Responsible pet owners will have their animals spayed or neutered. Please be a Responsible Pet Owner! Pet Ownership is a Life-Long Commitment. If you buy a pet for your child, please remember that a pet is not a toy to be discarded when the novelty wears off! Owning a pet is a Life-Long Commitment in which you can teach your Child the Value and Care of Animals; They are not toys! They are God's Creatures Who Depend On Us for Their Care!

 skyehye — Sunday, April 1, 2007
 Neglect is just as bad as being abused.Pets are part of the family and should be given every attention as if they were your own children. You wouldnt treat a child that way right? If you cant give them attention and affection throughout their ENTIRE lives, then DONT get a pet! It doesnt make sense to me how some people have their dogs chained up all day. I think this should be illegal so they have to pay attention to what is happening outside instead of relying on that "chain" to babysit.We as animal lovers must be their voice and make sure if we witness abuse/neglect report it or do nothing and essentially be contributing to this problem.....

paradise Angie Springer — Sunday, April 1, 2007
 I have followed the Ask Buddy columns each month and I have to say the information you give is so valuable. It would be nice if all pet owners treated their pets with respect and much love , but unfortunately not all do. animal abuse will go on unless someone reports the abuser and the same applies to children who are so badly abused. Pets and people all deserve to be loved. thanks buddy for your concerns. angie

KoloheWiz Ann Pfeil — Friday, April 13, 2007This is a sad but true situation here around the islands more than many people know. Our family has 5 dogs and we manage to give them all attention and love. The woman and her son next door have two dogs. One stays outside much like the dog in the story while the other is spoiled rotten and lives in the house, gets taken for walks and - if the owner goes out of town - is taken somewhere while she is gone. The yard dog is just left there in the yard all alone. Like the neighbor in the story, our family pays more attention to this woman's outside dog than she or her teenage son do. The outside dog used to have a companion she could at least play with but she passed away from old age (and a lack of proper care in my personal opinion - her nails wer so long they were curled in a nearly complete circle). Now she just watches the world go by one long minute at a time. We have talked to the owner several times but it apparently goes unheard. To make matters worse, this woman works in the medical profession as a nurse of some type. You'd think she would get it when she takes the spoiled dog for a walk and the other whines a very sad almost crying whine because she craves the attention she never gets and sees the other one get all the time. Compassion is a requirement of her profession but I guess that in her case it only applies to humans and one of her dogs. All that being said, it's time to go pay a visit to the dog next door so she knows that someone still cares about her.

lizrizzo — Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Thank you good people for reading my column. I am overwhelmed with your heartfelt comments. Liz Rizzo

Buddy the Dog Thanks Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle

August 1, 2007

Buddy the Dog

I am so grateful to Governor Linda Lingle because she signed a bill to increase penalties for anyone convicted of cruelty to animals. I wanted to tell Governor Linda Lingle how much we animals appreciate her efforts.  I know other people helped pass this law and I’d like to give all of you a big dog hug and dog kiss. I hope you won’t mind my cold, wet nose.

The measure, which was signed at the Hawaiian Humane Society, builds on the Lingle-Aiona Administration’s continuing commitment to protect pets from cruelty and neglect and to ensure Hawai‘i pet owners have the resources to care for their animals.

Governor Lingle said.  “In return, we need to ensure that our pets are properly cared for and protected from cruelty and neglect.”

Under the measure, cruelty in the first degree occurs when a person “intentionally or knowingly tortures, mutilates or poisons or causes the torture, mutilation or poisoning of any pet animal resulting in serious bodily injury or death to the pet animal.”  The bill defines pets as dogs, cats, domesticated rabbits, guinea pigs, domesticated pigs, or caged birds that are not bred for consumption.

Cruelty in the second degree applies to “every living creature except a human being.”  It includes torturing, tormenting, beating, starving, overloading or overdriving an animal.

Forty-two other states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands have felony cruelty animal laws.

Hawai‘i’s new law takes effect immediately.

“Governor Lingle has codified the notion that the people of Hawai‘i love their pets and want their communities protected from violent crime,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States.  “Her compassionate stand galvanizes our work to bring about a zero tolerance policy for depraved acts of animal cruelty in every state in the country.”


Since taking office in December 2002, the Lingle-Aiona Administration has worked with the humane societies on the different islands, animal rights advocates and pet owners to help ensure that animals are protected and pet owners have the resources to care for their animals. This is the best news a dog like me has heard, besides let’s go for a W-A-L-K. 

Here is the scoops:
“Five-Day-or-Less” Animal Quarantine Program

On June 30, 2003, new administrative rules signed by Governor Linda Lingle took effect to reduce the amount of time pets entering the state have to stay in quarantine and to reduce the financial and emotional burden on pet owners.

The new program essentially eliminated lengthy quarantine for pets whose owners completed pre-arrival requirements and submitted required documents in a timely manner.  Since the program was implemented, 83 percent of pets arriving at Honolulu International Airport have qualified for direct release to their owners.  The program also allows Hawai`i residents to travel with their pets and return to the state without quarantine if they follow the specified procedures before they leave.

I got to go back to the mainland and then home to Hawaii with my mom.  I had no problems thanks to Governor Lingle.  I could never go into quarantine.  I would have so much anxiety and be sick from a broken heart being away from my mom.

On the flight back to Hawaii last year, my mom was so excited to be taking me without quarantine that she told the folks sitting on the plane near her how grateful we both were to Linda Lingle. My mom talks to everyone.  She is friendly and likes to hear what people have to say about their pets.

As my mom exited the airplane she saw Governor Linda Lingle on the gangway.  My mom was amazed and thrilled to be able to personally thank her.  Governor Lingle said she had heard everything my mom had said on the plane as she was only sitting a few rows away.  The Governor  was gracious enough to let my mom take this photo. We love you Governor Linda Lingle forever.

Legislation Enacted by Governor Linda Lingle

Act 114, SLH 2007 – Creates a felony offense for cruelty to animals.  Act 114 adds a new Class C felony of “cruelty to animals in the first degree,” punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.  The law also renames the existing misdemeanor provisions as “cruelty in the second degree,” which is punishable by a year in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.  

Act 239, SLH 2006 – Allows a law enforcement officer with a search warrant to enter property where there is probable cause to believe an animal is being abused or neglected in order to provide the animal with food, water and emergency medical care.  The new law also allows the Court to impound the animal and give it to a recognized shelter or organization to ensure the animal receives proper care.

Act 238 SLH 2006 – Ensures that the costs incurred by a humane society or other organization to house and care for an impounded animal would be reimbursed to the agency.  Under the new law, the Court can order a defendant to surrender an animal that is being mistreated to a recognized animal care facility.  The Court can also order the defendant to reimburse the organization for reasonable costs to care, feed and house the animal.  

Act 117 SLH 2006 – Requires the State to provide suitable shelters for pets during an emergency.

Act 160 SLH 2005 – Allows pet owners to provide for the future care of their domestic pets or animals by validating wills or trusts for these animals.

I think my mom is leaving her house to me.  I love the yard and doggie door. She needs to find a daddy to take care of me if she goes to the Rainbow Bridge.  I think that is where people go when they die.  I don’t ever want my mom to go away so I will love her as much as I can everyday.

Act 161 SLH 2005 – Authorizes the Board of Agriculture to allow use of the animal quarantine facilities for reasonable fair market rents or fees. Requires that all income received from the rental of quarantine facilities be used to defray costs of the animal quarantine program and provides that the rents and fees can be deposited into the animal quarantine special fund, thus helping owners of dogs and cats entering the state.

Governor Lingle is a pet owner. Governor Lingle owns two cats, a stray she found in Hilo (Nani Girl), and another that she adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society named (Stripes).  I wonder if she would like to meet a really fun golden retriever named Buddy the Dog.

I want to thank Russell Pang for assisting me in getting the correct information for this column. Sometimes it takes a dog like me longer to write a column than you humans. My paws just hit too many keys at times.  I am working on using the keyboard on my mom’s computer.

Russell Pang is the Chief of Media Relations at the Office of the Governor Executive Chambers at the State Capitol in Honolulu, Hawai`i .  You can reach him at  (808)-586-0043. You can email him or Governor Linda Lingle at the address below.  Please send her your thanks and tell her Buddy the Dog sent you.

Thanks for reading my column and leave a comment. Please spread the Aloha Spirit wherever you live. Please hug your pet for me and call someone if you see an animal being hurt.

paradise — Tuesday, August 7, 2007
I have no pets of my own since I don't have the proper enviorment for a dog. No yard and large pets are not allowed in the mobile park I live in. However, I am in favor of a very severe punishment for anyone that would abuse any animal no matter what the age of that person might be. If you abuse pets at a young age there is no telling how far you would go at a later age. Put the pet abusers in jail where they belong for a long time so they can think about what they have done to an innocent animal. Thanks to anyone reinforceing the law on pet abuse and thanks to Buddy and his mom for letting the world know we will not tolerate animal abuse. Angie

rustywarren — Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Thanks Buddy . I'm glad your Mom was able to get permission to tell us all about the new Pet policy signed by Governor Lingle. Every state should follow in Hawaii's footsteps and get laws of their own passed in there states. Buddy i love your "Buddy Cap" you are so handsome. Rusty

kaye — Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Hey Buddy..Krissy and Charley Girl love your column and they want to thank you for writing about Governor Lingle passing the pet protection bill....and for changing those ghastly quarantine laws. Cheers, Kaye & Harriet

DRPrice — Thursday, August 9, 2007
Thanks Buddy. It is always good to remind the public about how pets or any animals should be treated and not treated. All states should pass similar laws to protect our pets. I agree that more people can be actively involved in reporting the things they see others doing that are wrong. Diana

PBR — Saturday, August 11, 2007
Thank you Buddy for a great column! Your doing wonderful things for us critters. Lots of licks to you, your friends Lucky and Cody

hawaiianeyes — Monday, August 13, 2007
Dear Buddy, If you see Governor Lingle before we do, please thank her for being so compassionate to those of us who do not have a voice. Anyone who would knowingly hurt a helpless pet, would harm a human being. Thank you for taking the time to spread the word in your column. We appreciate all your help. Your friends, Kinty & Beatrice.

51flyguy — Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Hey buddy, Thank the governor for us. We heard that as of August 1st, 2007, pets can fly directly to Maui, and the other islands without going through Honolulu. Anybody able to verify that? thanks

How Do You Say Goodbye To Your Best Friend?

March 1, 2007

Remembering your Pet as They Were

The decision to euthanize your ill or injured pet is the most difficult decision a pet owner will ever have to make. It is a decision that needs careful planning. It is a decision that cannot be rushed. We pets know when it is time to go. Animals know when it is time to die. You will know in your heart when it is time to say goodbye to your best friend. Medicine only masks the pain. Medicine extends the problem and the inevitable. We animals don't show pain like humans. We suffer in silence at times.

The attachment between a pet and owner is not a small matter. I am a member of your family. I am your best friend, your baby, the most pure loving creature on this earth. I love you no matter how you treat me. I forgive you when you are unhappy at me. I am your faithful friend and companion.

When you decide to end my suffering, it might feel as though you are killing your pet. Even though you know in your heart that you will be freeing me from pain that will not make the decision any easier for you. You will go through different emotions such as guilt, denial, fear, confusion, and acceptance. Because this is such a difficult time you may be unable to clearly make preparations and decisions before that final day.

Take as much time as you need to make this decision. Do not let anyone pressure you into making a decision. Hopefully our bond is strong and you will be able to talk to me. I will understand you and convey to you without words that the time is near for you to help me stop suffering. Once I am gone there is no turning back.

I hope to give you some suggestions to help you make a decision that will be one free from any regrets. There are things you can do the week before, the day before, the day of the final goodbye, and the after I am gone.

In lasts months column I discussed what to do after you lose a pet. You can use it as a reference for after your pet is gone. I hope there are some things that will be helpful to you and your family.

Most of us pets do not like going to the VET, so I have concerns about you taking me to the Vets office to be euthanized. I get scared every time I smell the other animals in their office and the shots always hurt. I am afraid you will leave me there. Some people hate going to hospitals because of the medicinal smells or because of some images that come into their minds. We animals have feelings too. I can still remember how much it hurt when they put that computer chip into my back.

How and where to euthanize your pet is a personal decision for each pet owner. It might cost a lot more to end my suffering at home. I know you will do what is right for me. If you take me to the Vets office I won't be mad at you, but please be sure you give me a pill to relax me ahead of time. I would rather pass on at home in the arms of my loving master. I will able feel your heart beat and your breath as you hold me close. You will feel my last breath as you hold me.

If you do not have to make a quick decision, there are some things you can do prior to the final day of my life. I went to see the VET with my mom and she asked lots of questions about how to prepare for the final day. They gave her a pamphlet to take home and read.

My mom and I sat in front of the computer and did so much research that I fell asleep on her lap. Mom made some phone calls and talked to other people who euthanized their pets before.

My mom and I know someday I will pass on to the Rainbow Bridge. I am a young dog so I will be with my mom for a while longer. We dogs do not live as long as you humans. I think that is sad, as I will miss my mom when the time comes for me. I know she will miss me. I think God had a plan when he made our dog years on this earth shorter than human years. This difference gives other dogs a chance to have loving homes when we die. There are so many dogs and cats that need homes. Each human can have many pets in their lifetime, but we pets usually only have one owner. I have been thinking about this for a while. It's just my thoughts. I spend lots of time thinking and listening.

You will need to contact a VET to make the arrangements to have them come to your home. Prepaying for the VET services ahead of time is a good idea. That way you will be more focused on your pet. Some of the fees that we found were around $100 for a Veterinarian house call, plus $75 for the Vet Technician. There will be a charge for a physical exam in some cases and that is around $40. The euthanasia solution is about $86.

You can discuss what to do with the deceased pet after, like a memorial or cremation. You have a right to keep your pets remains. The decision of what to do with your deceased pet is one that needs to be made prior to the end. You want to treat your pet with dignity in death as you treated them in life.

For a fee the VET can take your pet to be cremated. You can have the ashes returned to you if you choose. There are pet cremation companies that provide services such as urn's for the ashes. You can have a funeral for your pet. You can also choose to bury your pet at home.

Urn for Ashes

The cost to have your pets ashes returned to use is based on the size of the pet. A medium size dog is around $220. It is less costly to have your VET dispose of the pet's ashes. There are pet crematories. Dog's bodies are not used for research as they were in the past unless you specify that to be your wishes.

You can bathe your pet the night before if it is physically possible to do so. It is nice to think that your pet will cross over to the other side all clean and brushed. If your pet hates baths, then don't do the bath. Be certain to give your pet treats. If you are in a positive mood your pet will know it, but if you are sad and crying, it will be difficult for your pet to let go of you. Your pet needs to be assured that you will be ok letting go of him.

Doggie's Favorite Meal

I had a friend who gave their dog his favorite food the night before. They ordered a pizza in a pizza box and put it out for the dog to eat. Dog and owner both shared in the dog's joy. Don't be concerned about any food issues. It's all about having a last pleasant memory for your pet.

You may want to trim a piece of his fur to keep for after he is gone. The fur will spiritually connect you to your pet and console you in your time of grief. Over the years I have saved clippings of my dog's hair after each haircut. I placed the hair in a crystal bottle. I also added clippings of my own hair. I feel that this physical combining of our hair will keep us connected in the life hear-after as we were on earth.

Favorite Toys with Hair Clippings

Once your pet is injected with the solution death follows quickly and painlessly. Do not let anyone make you feel that you have to rush the injection. Speak to your pet and say your goodbyes. Tell your pet you love him and are doing this so he will leave this world with dignity.

The euthanization process is very quick, and in less than a minute your pet's heart will stop. Your pet will take one or two long, deep breaths. His deep sigh is as though he were letting go of the pain and suffering on earth. He will appear to be asleep. He will be limp and it may be challenging to carry him if he is a large animal. Be prepared for how you will carry him after he is gone.

Before you allow the VET to take your pet' body, you may choose to spend some private time with your pet. You can include your family or anyone else close to you or your pet. You may choose to say a prayer or some parting words. Perhaps you will kiss your pet, caress him for the last time. Thank your pet for being so unconditionally loving. Thank your pet for the time you had together. His spirit will hear you. Remind him he will not be forgotten. You may want to have a memorial with a prepared speech. It is up to you. There is no one right way. When you do what is in your heart and have good intentions, then that is the right way.

We pet's are fortunate to have the choice to die humanely. Our owners are usually pretty good about taking care of us and not wanting us to suffer. Humans suffer with illness and pain. They do not have the option to be released from suffering as we animals do. I hope in the future that the laws will change so you humans can say goodbye to other humans so they will not have to suffer needlessly.

Please leave me comments and share a story about your beloved pet. You can also email me personally and I will answer every email. Thanks for reading my column. Woof, woof, sniff, sniiff, from Buddy the Dog.


buddy — Friday, March 23, 2007

Name: Nakimiso Remote Name: Date: Thursday, March 01, 2007 Time: 01:35 PM Feedback 

Name: carol c Remote Name: Date: Thursday, March 01, 2007 Time: 07:52 PM Feedback Thank you for writing such a beautiful column. I hope I never have to experience such sadness, but for those who have my hearfelt prayers go out to you.....

Name: Angie Remote Name: Date: Friday, March 02, 2007 Time: 12:44 PM Feedback a very nice article. it is definitly very touching and even though I am not a pet owner, I love dogs. If my health were better I would have one of my own. The ask buddy column is very unique and very helpfull I am sure to many pet owners. It is a very good article. Thanks for your efforts each month

Name: cheryl Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 03, 2007 Time: 08:02 AM Feedback Very late one evening, we knew that the time had come to euthanize our beloved baby. We found an emergency pet clinic in Pearl City that was so caring, helpful, and compassionate in helping us through this difficult process. We were distraught with grief at the thought of losing a member of the family. First, we were allowed to spend some time alone with our pet to say our goodbyes. Then the vet explained the process before she administered the shot. It was very difficult to feel my baby's life drift away in my arms, but it was fast and peaceful. We were allowed to grieve privately with our baby, and I clipped some of his fur before handing him over to the vet. The staff at the clinic helped me arrange for his cremation and placed my order for his urn. They were very sympathetic through the whole process, even when I went to collect his ashes in his little urn to bring him home. Thanks for writing this informative article. It will prepare those who are contemplating the euthanasia of their pet. --------------------------------------------------------------Name: Lisa Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 03, 2007 Time: 05:06 PM Feedback Thanks for writing such an informative column. I have a very loved aging kitty and your information has helped me know what I will want to do when the time comes. Thank you!

Name: Cyndy Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 03, 2007 Time: 08:11 PM Feedback We had two dogs who grew up together. They were very close companions so when it was time for the older one to be euthenized, we brought both dogs with us to the vet. We heard that when there are two animals who are so close, and when one is taken away to be euthanized, the other would begin to search the house wondering where its companion had gone. So after he passed away, we let her sniff his body and say her doggie goodbyes. Somehow, we think that she sensed that he was gone. This helped her in coping with the loss, for she did not seem to be confused about his absence. We hope that this info will help those who have to go through this difficult process. ----------------------------------------------------------- Name: rustywarren Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 03, 2007 Time: 11:19 PM Feedback It's hard to type when your tears are flowing. What a touching article. I have had to euthanize 2 of my beloved pets over the years. i'm glad to see that today there are some wonderful options available for when that time comes. I love the way you express your thoughts ... so kind and so warm . Thank you again ... I love the Buddy column

Name: gigi Remote Name: Date: Sunday, March 04, 2007 Time: 02:39 PM Feedback nice -

Name: Danette Remote Name: Date: Monday, March 05, 2007 Time: 06:56 AM Feedback Thank you for your article and suggestions. I've had to let go of a few pets, and it is a VERY difficult thing to do...sometimes it takes years or wondering if the decision was right on time....It's just a VERY difficult thing to deal with...I'm glad for you suggestions, they are good one...This should be VERY helpful in the future, and to share with friends and family that encounter this situation. Thank you SO MUCH, Buddy, for your insight... 

Name: Sue Remote Name: Date: Monday, March 05, 2007 Time: 09:02 AM Feedback One of my concerns was knowing when to actually have my baby euthanized. I can still recall the words of my vet. She compassionately said you will know when the time comes. How true. After 7 months of battle my baby knew it was his time and I knew it without doubt. Its been 4 years and feels as if it was yesterday. Thank you for kindly addressing this matter. 

Name: Rocky Usita's mom. Remote Name: Date: Monday, March 05, 2007 Time: 08:41 PM Feedback Thank you for the column. I look forward to reading your future columns.

Name: shelly young Remote Name: Date: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Time: 09:13 AM Feedback Aloha and many mahalos about your column on pets . I'm truly touched by your article. Here's my way of dealing with our baby's death.My husband's son and friend took our beloved dog we named Kohola (whale ) to the beach. We were training the dog to go on the kayak with us. The friend let the dog off the leash and a car hit him severing his spine. Needless to say when we got the call that the dog was at the vet and needed there in minutes. When we saw the our baby shaking and trembling in pain even after pain medicne) we had to make a choice. The vet said he would never walk again and the chances for survival were dim at best. So while we bent over him whispering what a good dog he had been and what a good friend he was to us, he went to sleep. We had him cremated. My husband and I took our kayak with Kohola's ashes waiting for whales to appear. We had a lei and some floating candles and his ashes along with his doggie tags. When we spotted a whale in the distance we put out the lei with the candles in the middle and his tags. We said a prayer and let the ashes go. They were the color you'd see of a whale under water. a sort to tourquiose blue as if it were flippers and we really thought it was a whale beneath us. When we went in after our goodbyes, tears, and prayers we saw a mother and her calf appeared right in front of us. It was very close to shore. The calf held up a fin as if to wave, and so our mission was complete. It was the best memorial I have ever been to. We got a cousin of Kohola a few months later. I'm sure she's from the same mom and dad as they exactly alike. She's our baby girl and we named her Lola. It sounded alot like Kohola only more femine. Later about a year after we got her my husband and I looked at a house and fell in love with it. We didn't even see the name of the street before we decided to buy it. When we went back to see what the name was we knew it was the righthouse for us. The name of the street is Kalola Place. Home sweet home to two of the best doggies in the world! Many mahalos for letting me share. Shelly

Name: Michele Remote Name: Date: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Time: 05:43 PM Feedback Thank you for this wonderful article. Our dog KeAka, the shadow, is a 14 yr old Chow-Golden. We know he won't be with us too much longer. When this time comes, it will now be just a little better for us to bear, thanks to this article. Thanks, also to those of you who have shared your experiences..especially Shelly, whose story truly touched my heart. Mahalo Nui.

Name: Kahu's human Remote Name: Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Time: 11:14 AM Feedback Having just having to say Aloha to my best friend a week ago today, this column was something I'm glad I stumbled upon. It still hurts knowing he won't be around any longer and the recurring doubts about whether it was something done too hastily is something I am still trying to deal with. He was only 5 years old and was a fighter to the end. Thank you for helping to make this time of sorrow a bit more bearable.

Name: Rhonda Remote Name: Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Time: 08:29 PM Feedback After reading this article I feel so many pets will pass on with kindness, compassion and dignity.With all they have given us its our one last way to show them how much we love them. My dog Pua is only 6 years old and I know I have alot of good years with her and when the moment arrives for her to go it will be a softer and more gentle way. Its always difficult when someone you love dies but shareing your article with us will help us with the process. I hope every pet owners has the chance to read this . I know all the pets thank you along with Pua and myself. Mahalo 

Name: hayashi Remote Name: Date: Thursday, March 08, 2007 Time: 10:28 AM Feedback i cried reading this because recently my rabbit died...i can't imagine two of my dogs and my cat to pass away like that...this will touch many people's heart...thank you very much! 

Name: michele from kailua Remote Name: Date: Friday, March 09, 2007 Time: 12:57 PM Feedback thank you for writing this column in buddy's words I think I have seen buddy at kailua beach park in the morning I hope buddy is healthy?? (doesn't he like to chase the birds?) take care

Name: Bob Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007 Time: 09:10 AM Feedback As a dog lover & owner I'm always on the lookout for tips & help information on improving my relationship with Kai my Golden Retriever. Two columns now, have dealt with end of life issues. Can we expect future columns to deal with living issues? For example, moving, spay neutering, desirable body weights, feeding recommendations etc. I've already read Cesar Milan's book, and occasionally watch his show. There's a LOT of us that want to know more about proper caring for our best freinds. Please?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Mary Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007 Time: 11:52 AM Feedback I enjoyed reading your latest column, but realize I missed last month's. Could you direct me to it online, or e-mail it to me please? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Buddy the Dog Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007 Time: 02:23 PM Feedback Next months column is about making the public aware of the doggies that are neglected, some right in our own back yards and how to help them, future columns will address how to help your pet loose weight, how to travel on the airlines with your pet, and some pointers on how to groom your pet at home. I appreciate any ideas for topics. Buddy is fine,he is raising money for the Windward dog park. He is representing the BIG DOGS...he is 100 lbs. How do you walk a big dog...come to Kailua Art Walk, March 11, 2-5pm. Buddy will be signing autographs and giving out homemade lollipops as a thank you for donations. Thanks so much for reading my column. Woof,woof, sniff, sniff...Buddy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Animal Lover Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007 Time: 06:25 PM Feedback Oh my gosh! I read this column and cried the entire time. Several years ago, I had to make that decision for Tiffany Jo O-Keaahala Tutu, and it hurt so bad. It still hurts today. I cried for days and continue to cry today whenever I think of her. A year ago, a relative left Pepe with me and I grew to love her. Two weeks ago, the owner got mad at his brother and took Pepe from me and my mom. Pepe was such company to my mom who is 80 and always made me relax after a long day of work. Taking Pepe has broken our hearts, but at least she is still alive and I do hope she is happy. Huli, please bring her home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Jenn Remote Name: Date: Sunday, March 11, 2007 Time: 09:57 AM Feedback This is a very touching article which brought tears to my eyes. Just the thought of loosing my dog someday makes me realize the unconditional love I have for her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Jan Zingaro Remote Name: Date: Monday, March 12, 2007 Time: 01:06 AM Feedback Your story about Buddy reminded me about my beloved and dear friend Michi, a Bethland Shephard Terrier that I raised from a puppy. I lost him during the summer of 1996 and till today I still grieve over his death. I've had many pets since his death, but no other animals can take his place in my heart. I had him cremated through the Vet and they were kind enough to assist me in making the arrangements for the cremation, urn, carring bag for the urn and a message on both the urn and the bag. Thank you for your touching and very informative column about Buddy, I hope that viewers out there really love their animals to a point where they can let go when it's their time to pass on into the immortal world. God be with you and your viewers.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Grace K Remote Name: Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Time: 05:35 PM Feedback Thank you Buddy for the heart-warming story. I will be making that decision about my 15 year old cat this weekend. Thanks, Grace ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Dominique Remote Name: Date: Friday, March 16, 2007 Time: 06:04 PM Feedback I really cried. I couldn't believe this story, this is the same way i felt when my Auntie Lia's dog Makanana died, i was pouring, tears running down my cheeks. I love you Makanana, if you can hear me, I love you. Thank you buddy for helping me realize how special my aunties dog was. lots of love and i hope you do not experience this, love Dominique... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Reality Stuff Remote Name: Date: Friday, March 16, 2007 Time: 11:06 PM Feedback Big thanks to all U people who truly care and love animals. STRONG ADVICE- Do not get an animal because you just want it. Get it because you will sincerely treat it as family. Care, love, feed, clean and do every responsibility that comes with it. Do NOT get it and rid it like a piece of furniture when tired of it, and if it is a temporary thing eventually to be discarded, DON'T get one. An animal is not trash. Be responsible and remember it has feelings to. Do not chain it on a very short leash forever. Please take it for a walk. Reflect if it was you, how would you want to be treated? Surely not that way. Have water available. Do NOT be ma-lepo. no mildew in the water. SCARY- I seen people who get a small dog and the kid squeezes the life out of it or grab it the wrong way and the dog yelps. come on people, show your kid right. They are not stuffed animals. They are live and can feel? Remember humans are animals to, but we can stand on our two feet, talk and somewhat defend ourselves. Can you imagine what animals would say it they could talk to us and tell us how they feel? Awesome article! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: N Remote Name: Date: Saturday, March 17, 2007 Time: 05:27 AM Feedback She was my baby, useless as a watchdog, friendly to everyone. It was hard to discern whether the dog was wagging her tail, or the tail was wagging her. She had Cancer and treatments didn't work. It mestastisized and was causing her pain. I made the decision. I still miss her. I was the first feedback to this article. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: michael Remote Name: Date: Sunday, March 18, 2007 Time: 01:10 PM Feedback informative & helpful. thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: jenai Remote Name: Date: Monday, March 19, 2007 Time: 09:07 PM Feedback I was very touched by your story that brought tears to my eyes. I remembered when I had to make that decision to let my pet suffer or should I put her to sleep, by euthanizing. It was a difficult decision, but I had to say my loving goodbyes and had her put to sleep. She is with me always never ever will be forgotten. Thank you so much for an awesome and touching story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: Nalani Ohana Remote Name: Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 Time: 07:53 AM Feedback Your article is very touching and made me cry. This is reality, we have 2 small house dogs and we love them. Thank you for sharing... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Name: MM Remote Name: Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 Time: 10:46 PM Feedback Thank you so much for this article. You will touch and help so many people for such a long time. Are you able to continue the articles with how much the Pets are enjoying it at Rainbow Bridge. Thank You

buddy — Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi Buddy Thanks for sharing, this is a great article and Im sure it will encourage many pet owners enclouding myself. I have a male dog "Yoda" and he`s a small house pet. and we love him so much he`s now about 161/2 yrs old. and not looking forward for that day when yoda will leave us. I do believe like humans when we die I would not want negative people around me I want possitive people by my side. I am a Buddhist and believe that at the moment of our death and how we die, is so crucial. and when we come back into our next life is whom or what kind of life condition we will be in. same like animals. We know that we have to be possitive but at that crucial moment how do you refrane yourself from not being emotional for the one you love as like your own kids. thats really hard to digest at that moment or time. But great article keep up the good work. Rusty Iijima

buddy — Sunday, March 25, 2007
Dear Buddy, Hi, this is Rachel, Kona's mom. I saw you and your mom (forgive me for forgetting her first name, I know your last name is Rizzo). Anyway, this is a beautiful article, very moving and very touching. At first I didn't even want to read it, as it is such a difficult subject. But you handled it beautifully. Have a great day!

lizrizzo — Saturday, March 31, 2007
Good job Buddy. Love your column. We saw you in MIDWEEK magazine. We saw you on Channel 9 News on 3/17. I hear you are going to be on TV on OC 16 in a few weeks. We love you Buddy.

Imanjayidah — Thursday, August 30, 2007
Thanks Buddy for this column. I had to euthanize my dog Soca on Feb. 22, 2007, who I had since I was 10yrs old and I am now 26. It was a difficult decision and I am still so emotional about it. I grew up with this dog and feel like I lost apart of me. This column has helped me realize that how I have been feeling is normal. I have gotten over the guilt b/c I know he is no longer suffering(Cancer). I just miss him, his presence. Again thankyou for these encouraging articles. Rest in Peace "Soca" Sunrise-Feb 22, 1991 Sunset-Feb 22, 2007

cloverbell — Thursday, February 21, 2008
I am sitting here crying my eyes out, I am glad I found this page, I have to do the inevitable, my pom is 15 and I am having a hard time doing this, my selfish side says dont but my head says it's time, he has bad hips, bad neck and is in kidney failure, he is crying is pain, when the meds wear off. Please someone tell me it's ok to let him go...

kln — Friday, May 30, 2008
Your words have acted as a source of solace for me right now. Two nights ago my family and I had to put down our beloved Dalmatian, Jesse. She was 3 months shy of 13 years (a significant milestone for a Dalmatian). Old age culminating in a heart condition and seizures (everything else was fine) proved to much for her and whllst we selfishly wanted to "try every drug known to mankind" to keep her with us just that bit longer, it was kinder to let her go and be at peace. I too, have grown up with many, many animals - and the pain I felt when each one passed away was enormous, But with Jesse, she has left such an imprint in my heart - maybe it's just me getting older... but she gave us joy beyond anything I've known. Do we feel guilty for ending her life? Yes, but I know that's normal emotions to have when having to let your best friend go. We had to think of her first and her quality of life - the drugs may have prolonged her life 1 week, 1 month or maybe at a stretch one year, but she would not have been "our girl", our "spotted angel"... it was time to let her go to God and the Doggy Heaven we all talk about. I lit a candle for her tonight in Church, on my way home from work - and hers was the brightest candle of all. I know she'll always be in our hearts and her energy will always surround us. We will scatter her ashes in the river water where she used to love to swim - covered in mud she would come home proudly showing her adventures. We miss her terribly, but our Jesse lives on forever in our hearts. Goodbye my girl. Goodbye.....

buddy — Sunday, June 8, 2008
Thank you wonderful people for sharing your heartfelt stories. Anyone who has to say goodbye to their best friend makes me (Buddy) cry doggie tears. Mom and I will say a prayer for you and your beloved pet. My mom cried when she read the comments posted here. She reads all the comments to me. Us pets have a short life on this earth, but we touch the heart deeply. We pets need you humans more than you can ever know. There are so many animals that need to be cared for, some of them are lucky enough to find good humans like you. Buddy licks and kisses to all of you humans. Buddy the Dog.

sunshine20618 — Tuesday, June 10, 2008
I had to put my golden retriever, Sonny, to sleep at age 14. I was 10 when Sonny was born and he was with me more than half my life. It was a very hard decision, but he was suffering. The hardest part was that I had to make the decision. Sonny was my best friend, and like a soul mate to me. He knew when I was sick, or sad, and comforted me when I felt no one else in the world loved me. I suffer from depression and the days that I no longer wanted to live, I knew I had to stay here to take care of Sonny. In a way, he saved my life. The last day, I did all his favorite things for him. Took him to McDonalds in the morning and gave him my hash brown like I always did. His FAVORITE thing in the world was to be brushed-and I brushed him alllll day long. It was the hardest thing in the world to have to say goodbye to him. I still MISS him every singe day, even though I have a new golden retriever. He certainly did not replace Sonny, but he has brought a new joy into my life. The hardest thing is knowing I will eventually have to do the same thing with Ozzy as I did with Sonny. Dogs are wonderful creatures, and I can't wait for the day I get to be with Sonny again.