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Buddy Rizzo

Buddy has been a therapy dog for Delta Society (Pet Partners) for 8 years and and in that capacity volunteered for St. Francis Hospice of Hawaii, Wounded Warriors Regiment of Kaneohe Marine Base, Shelter of Wisdom in Honolulu, Women’s Correctional Center on Oahu, and YMCA Camp Erdman. He’s also worked as a mobility service dog when mom Liz had difficulty walking after surgery.

Buddy passed away at home peacefully on May 4, 2016 in the arms of his mother Liz.It was his birthday and Liz's birthday.He was an amazing dogand brought a smile to all who knew him.


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Best Golden Retriever

Buddy Rizzo

Buddy the Dog met President Barack Obama on the 18th hole of Mid Pacific Country Club, in Lankai, Hawaii on December 24, 2008. Obama shook Buddy's mom, Liz Rizzo's hand. Mom said he has a soft hand but a firm handshake. He pet Buddy on the head and said" what a good looking dog".

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So, why are we talking about this good boy on a Salvation Army blog? Because among the many things he’s done to care for his community, he was an assistant bellringer at our iconic red kettle in Grass Valley, California.


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